Easy Online Ticket Management Software Tips You Should Know Before Buying

qnaJennifer heads one of the best real estate firms in Texas. Even though her company only started two years ago, Jennifer’s company has been able to successfully secure clients and projects despite the intense competition of other and equally good real estate enterprise firms in the area. She wants to make her company bigger in the years to come, and wonders whether her growing company needs an easy online ticket management software program for their operations. She asks—

“Hello there. I read online that small business B2B and B2C companies like ours can benefit from using web-based software programs for ticket management. I prefer using a simple application but offers top features.” – Jennifer, TX

Thank you Jennifer for asking. If in case you are also wondering how to streamline your accounting operations, visit our side-by-side comparison of outstanding accounting applications for your business.

In today’s businesses, a lot are using ticket management software applications to improve their business efficiency and customer satisfaction. In order to remain competitive and gain loyal customers, a good company must strive to have an effective help desk team that uses easy online ticket management software applications to better streamline operations.

Here are three tips for you when looking for an easy online ticket management software program that is best for your business.

  1. Make sure the software program allows you to automatically convert emails to tickets.

When buying an easy online ticket management software application, check if the service requests from customers sent through email gets automatically converted into help desk tickets that your help desk team can easily monitor and manage. In that way, every email you get from your customer—whether it is a complaint about a certain product he bought, an inquiry from her about a product’s upgrades, or just whether she just wants to change her billing address—your help desk team can automatically track them and manage them as tickets.

Check whether the software program you are getting can offer you searchable history function where you can sort and track tickets from your customers that are already resolved, need updating or follow-up, or reassigned to a technician or another department.

  1. The software program offers easy-to-use incident and problem management.

When buying an easy online ticket management software problem, ask the seller if the software allows you to link tickets about a similar complaint. For example, if there are a number of tickets complaining about a product’s upgrade bug, the software program can allow your help desk team to link all these tickets together under one set for faster resolution and better coordination with the proper department.

  1. The software application should give you a simple and reader-friendly real-time dashboard

You need an easy-to-use, real-time dashboard for your help desk team to simplify and streamline ticket management.

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Here is an example of how business solutions provider CommitCRM operates its ticket management system. SearchCRM explains the concept of trouble ticket management system concerning complaints from customers.

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