ERP Help Desk: Top Buying Tips From Professional B2B Software Expert

qnaRonnie runs an online betting site that caters to a variety of sports fans that want to bet on their favorite teams or just want to try their luck on every major sport in the US.   Ronnie says that the website is running well but could use an ERP help desk to make the site more customer-friendly and ultimately a legitimate business endeavor. The thing is, he doesn’t know how to pick a good ERP help desk and is asking for expert advice on the subject.

“Hello! I have been operating an internet-based sports betting system and I believe my business is running well. However, I am very confident that integrating a very good ERP help desk will boost my website’s credibility as it will really give my clients an immediate option when they encounter problems related to my site. But while I am good at the betting business, I am not that knowledgeable about helps desk and stuff. I was hoping you can help me out on that one. Thanks.”

Hello Ronnie! I totally agree with you that having an ERP help desk installed in your business system is very good as this will create positive impressions from your clients and potential customers. But the trick is how to pick one for your enterprise and that can easily become a hit-or-miss exercise.

There are tons of good ERP help desk software out there and I could not even start pinpointing which is the best over which. Reading comparison articles, write ups, and reviews is a good thing for starters. That said reading is not enough. I also suggest talking to small business operators who use help desks in their systems and software experts and vendors who peddle online platforms for web based enterprises.

But if you still want to read, I have listed several attributes, features, and functions that you should look for in an ERP helpdesk. Check them out.

ERP Help Desk Systems should have these core features:

  • Self service portal
  • Multiple support platforms such as phone, email, and portal for tickets/incident logging
  • Management for service and workflow
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Dedicated Page or Section for Tips
  • Knowledgebase for queries and troubleshooting purposes
  • Support for IT asset management
  • Reporting, Metrics, and Dashboards
  • Automated system for escalation of issues
  • Ability to automate tasks

Calculate Your ROI and TCO

As with any business decision, you do not want to do anything unless it has a good probability of a significant return of investment. Whether you purchasing a cloud hosted application or a trying a free trial demo version software, in the back of your mind, you always look for a good return of your money.

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The same line of thought applies to getting an ERP help desk solution. You want to get the best ERP help desk so that it would generate customer loyalty, attract more clients, and ultimately amplify your business’ income.

So yeah, grab a pad and a pen and start crunching the figures for the ROI.

And after you finish, it is also best that you calculate for the Total Cost of Ownership, otherwise known as TCO. TCO costs more than the actual price of the software, which is why it is important to include it when you are determining and estimating total expenses when you buy a help desk software.

When calculating for TCO, make sure you take in account the following: all direct and indirect costs associated with the system within a minimum of 3 to 5 years. If you are using a different system, make sure that you compare your current expenses with your calculations.

Other Expert Tips

There are tons of top tips and other expert advice that you can get from the vast source known as the Internet. Reading them and comparing products based on user experience and knowledgeable reviews will help you a lot. Check out some of these tips:

  •         Software should have a 24/7 customer support
  •         Customization should be a prominent feature among online platforms.
  •         The software you buy must come from a reliable vendor and must have a license.
  •         Pick one that suits your business needs.

You may gather tons of advices on how to determine the best ERP help desk software. But in the end of the day, it always boils down to what your business needs. With the information immediately available to you, you can’t go wrong once you filter them and then let common sense dictate your next moves.

For further reading I recommend the following: a review of the best B2B help desk software; and top vendors for online help desk software.

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