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help6In competing with the demanding economic climate these days, many top B2B and B2C businesses—from the small business ones to the enterprise establishments—are looking to increase their efficiency in operations while at the same time try and reduce costs. Being more reliant of information technology, a quick review of the best businesses shows that many are looking for good help desk software solutions to optimize their service enterprise.

Demanding as the current business goals are already, customer satisfaction is getting more critical than ever, and is keeping businesses on their toes. With customer loyalty among the primary priorities, many businesses are looking for the appropriate help desk software solutions from vendor companies that can further streamline their otherwise complicated service processes.

In short, in today’s increasingly competitive world of business, the impact of help desk software solutions to the customer care strategy of a business is really important.

An overview

Given this content, what is then the future of help desk software and how should businesses adapt to it?

The main challenge confronting the future of help desk software and its impact on businesses is its capacity to respond to the growing changes in technology while providing customers a comfortable, streamlined, and reliable customer support environment that highlights a customer-centric approach. In this view, help desk should therefore be implemented in a manner that is fit for change as well as growth.

The fast rise of information technology consumerization, mobility of users, and security as well as compliance regulations are affecting the future of help desk more than ever. In this regard, help desk software programs are viewed to progress towards an operationally focused management that gives primary importance on the main competencies of customer care. With customers getting bolder and technology-savvier, improving in this regard is seen as necessary.

Changes in technologies are driving many changes in the help desk. Better help desk software functionalities—to focus more on strategic solutions and higher-level problems—are viewed to potentially modify, if not entirely revolutionize, the future of customer support.

It is also important to focus on the communication flow between a business and IT in using the right help desk business solution. Therefore, the IT help desk shifts from being a tactical strategy to an important strategic function of a business that provides intrinsic business value and have a dynamic part in assuring an company’s success not only at present but also beyond.

Four trends affecting the future of help desk software

Here are four interrelated trends that affect the way organizations operate their help desk programs:

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1. Productivity Pressures

Perhaps no organization is as important to the overall productivity of the company as IT. While many organizations are ultimately responsible for their efficiency, IT owns that of the entire business. Assuring efficiency across an entire company boils down to two main areas: tools and procedures. IT must be careful in selecting and employing the right tools and procedures to keep everyone in the company happy and productive.

One of the biggest challenges for the IT is to choosing the right help desk software. The best helpdesk applications feature usability and consistency that have brisk implementation as well as low maintenance. Usability and consistency are crucial to managing the workload of the help desk. Making sure that the users can quickly understand the interface and that the help desk software program works consistently will reduce the number of issues for the end-users. By keeping the implementation times very short and maintenance periods low, the IT staff will have more time to look for resolving existing issues as well as implementing new systems to enhance productivity.

2. Cloud Computing

The mantra for any company’s help desk has always been cheaper, better, faster: essentially doing more functions with less cost. Help desk software programs such as SaaS or cloud-based software solutions are now fulfilling this this promise. Improvements in the infrastructure have addressed the various uptime as well as scaling issues that beleaguered SaaS solutions before, turning them into the must-have software programs for customer relationship management, marketing automation as well as overall customer support. Cloud-based business solutions have various benefits compared with on-premise solutions:

  • Simple and cheaper deployment
  • Access to customer data or information from anywhere, even including mobile devices
  • No maintenance or hardware costs
  • Data security issues are fewer
  • Seamless and less worry-free product updates
  • Affordable, offers pay-as-you-go pricing features

As cloud software solutions become the industry standard, the staff must be also ready to support and handle a very diverse set of applications that require less technical daily involvement, but change often and will require them to support the changes.

3. IT consumerization

Today’s users are enjoying the rewards of two evolving fields: the mobile device manufacturing and consumer website development, which are seen increasing the IT expectations in the user base.

As mobile devices expand their power, reach, and sophistication, users are getting used to streamlined application experiences, constant data availability, and intuitive interfaces. In addition, phones are getting integral to the lives of many people, leaving them unwilling or reluctant adopt other work devices.

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These expectations help fuel cloud popularity, with today’s cloud apps supporting various operating systems as well as mobile devices, which on-premise solutions that have limited compatibility cannot do. In addition, cloud-based applications benefit from programming developments just like consumer applications, thus they have more improved interfaces that get more quickly updated compared with their on-premise counterparts. Some cloud solutions also have companion apps in mobile devides that provide safe and secure access that the native experience users crave.

4. Corporate social media

For many people including employees, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter very much part of their personal online activities and experiences. Given the reliance on these tools of many employees, businesses are quickly turning to corporate social media tools to help increase collaboration across divisions.

Not surprisingly, many employees use these channels to get assistance or raise issues, making these channels important for getting feedback. The help desk therefore should look into these channels for important conversations and point users to crucial knowledge base articles or ask them to send tickets for further assistance. By joining in the conversation, customer and employee support can look more proactive and may raise awareness and engagement about self-service resources.

In addition, corporate social media can enable quicker feedback and collaboration using polls and groups. What once took companies weeks of coordination may now be finished in a matter of few hours by asking users in a poll or putting up a small task force to engage users in an issue. Thus, corporate social media may enhance productivity for IT departments the same manner it applies across the entire organization. also tackles the exciting future of help desk software. To find help when buying the best help desk software for your company, TechExcel has some excellent tips.

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