How to Choose a SaaS Help Desk Software: Our Experts Share A Few Tricsk

qnaSteve is the marketing manager of a clothing company and is thinking of changing their traditional help desk which is currently servicing their customer hotline, portal and mobile site. He is would like to shift to another system which is inexpensive and easy to use, without sacrificing the kind of reliability that his clients have learned to depend upon. So he asked us the question:

My customers’ needs and expectations are changing these days. They want speed in service and response, if possible in real time. We can’t possibly advance and grow our small business without recognizing the demands of this new environment. I’ve heard of Software as a Service and how it’s revolutionizing the customer service industry. Can you give me your  tips on how to choose a SaaS help desk software? am thinking of subscribing to one to overhaul and improve  our customer support. Your inputs on this matter will be greatly appreciated.” Peter, KY

Hi Peter. Thanks for your question on how to choose a SaaS help desk software . It is very valid, considering the developments in the industry these days. SaaS is becoming the norm in the delivery of business applications because it reduces the cost of maintaining on-premise IT teams. If you’ve heard of cloud computing, SaaS is one of the components. Hardware and software for this system, including maintenance needs, are  outsourced to the Saas provider. Here are some tips on how to choose the best customer help desk software.  And the best thing about this is that deployment is instant and often uninterrupted.

It is well-advised to make a comparison between each vendor when mulling how to choose a SaaS help desk software, but these tips we are putting forward are time-tested and definitely worth considering. Look for these features when scouting for a  host:

Affordable pricing

SaaS  software is cheap when compared to the traditional help desk which charges for their license, set-up, maintenance and other fees. Since SaaS is web based and cloud hosted, their pricing model is competitive, and this is usually done by paying monthly or annual subscription fees. In some cases, the software is free. There is also a freemium susbcription where using the service is free for a limited period and additional charges are only billed with increased functionality. SaaS pricing is simple and affordable because of competition and they have other sources of revenue, like advertising.

Ease of use and implementation

Convenience and user-friendly features should be a prime consideration when considering how to choose a SaaS help desk software. It should be something your staff can easily deal with and configure, working seamlessly even during peak hours when load volume of your networks is high. The advantage of a SaaS solution is that it can be deployed in real time and you can face problems or issues instantly when they arise.

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Take for example the area of support tickets. When you have a website or portal that customers can access for their concerns, it is important that you have a system at the backend capable of alerting you of notifications and triggers. SaaS software are also designed to be flexible and customizable. The agent-customer interface should be able to show conversation history, status and transaction type for example.

Mobility and social integration

In the past, calling the telephone hotline was the most common option for customers with issues to be resolved. Now there are numerous means of communication which is both boon and bane to help desks. Customers can email, tweet, chat, post a Facebook status, surf the web, participate in community forums, use an app, post a picture etc. Likewise, they also use a variety of mobile devices – from desktops, laptops, tablets, iPhone, Android, among others.The software must have the capability to stay on top of the social chatter, tracking and resolving issues as they arrive.

These are only the Top 3 features that come to mind when choosing SaaS help desk software. There are other things to consider depending on your enterprise needs and expectations. We recommend reading up and getting a thorough review of each provider.

Thank you.

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