How To Choose Customer Service Help Desk Software

qnaDeron wants to know when a small business should buy a help desk software product.

“I started a dive resort in the East Coast three years ago. It was a boutique watering hole and I practically know the names of my regular customers. That’s how small the business. Was, because I got the chance to sell little trinkets like anklets and bracelets in my resort, which to my surprise, is a hit among my diver customers, who in turn, referred my products to their friends. The funny thing, my little trinkets actually have more customers now than my resort. I still manage my customers with a spreadsheet; my happy problem is—should I get help desk software now?”  – Deron from Kansas

Hi, Deron. I can only assume you have a growing business and those trinkets are selling hot. Unlike your resort, which has a stable customer base (you can only book so much number of customers in a day), selling trinkets is unpredictable. You can be taking one order daily today and a thousand orders tomorrow. Here’s the deal—since your trinkets are selling hot based on word-of-mouth (you didn’t mention a marketing campaign), that’s one sign your customer base will skyrocket sooner than later. So, yes, get help desk software now. You wouldn’t want to be caught flat footed tomorrow when you wake up and check your inbox with ten thousand queries, would you?

Okay, don’t just hurry and buy one now. Before you even make a product comparison review, here’s how to choose customer service help desk software:

  1. Make sure the help desk software is geared towards a B2C and a small business model (there are B2B and large enterprise help desk software, too).
  2. Try a freemium first. A vendor may offer a feature that you can use forever (yes) without charges. A freemium (not to be confused with a free or demo help desk trial) helps you learn the ropes and identify possible glitches or business issues before paying cash up front.
  3. Get only the features you need. Many vendors will promise robust features, but you don’t need them all right now. Do you need a mobile app? A business insight module? Customized reports? Maybe you can stick with the basic function like an email support with a tracking time tool.
  4. Choose cloud hosted or web based help desk software. Also called SaaS (software as a service), online systems are friendlier to your cash flow especially that business is just starting to pick up.
  5. Make sure you get technical support. It’s software so expect technical glitches, but I don’t recommend you hire a technical guy. A SaaS vendor can provide you with limited or paid full support.
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Help desk software ensures that you keep track of your customers and satisfy their queries. Even before you get swamped with orders and customer concerns, now’s the time to buttress your help desk. I hope the tips above will help you on how to choose customer service help desk software properly.

Good luck!

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