How To Find The Right Help Desk Software: 10 Things You Need To Know

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helpThe best help desk software system can spell the difference in the business success of your enterprise firm or small business. But before you look for a vendor already and buy already the help desk software program, make sure you make a review of all the angles first.

Here are 10 things you should consider when considering how to find the right help desk software:

1. What is your budget?

You will look for good help desk software programs that are free or offer demo versions. Some top products, on the other hand, can be priced out at almost a thousand dollars per solution. Some help desk software products charge a fee per month or depending on the number of users that will access the program. Speaking of budget, do not make assumptions that the higher you pay, the better the solution will be. There are many outstanding help desk software applications out there that come at no or little cost, so cost can be quite misleading.

2. Check and prioritize which features you need

A help desk software system can make or break a company’s success. This help desk software solution will help you in managing your tickets and tracking your work flow. Without such a software solution, you will probably encounter a difficult time assuring all the customers of your business are properly taken care of in an appropriate and timely manner.

3. Check email compatibility

Check if the help desk software program is also compatible with your email system. You might have a dazzling help desk software program but if it is not compatible with your email system, then it won’t work for your business.

4. Think of the database

The help desk software system should be database-driven. Among the primary goals of the help desk system is to keep tabs on the business flow, back up data, among others. Having a help desk software system that is based on a database makes backing up of data much easier and more reliable activity. If your business will be using this system, you have to think seriously when looking how to find the right help desk software about looking for one that needs a database.

5. Always keep in mind the security

In many instances, the ticketing system will be giving out information and data about clients back and forth. This data or information might contain not only names and address but also passwords as well as other sensitive information that you would not want other people to see. This is why, you have to make sure the help desk software program you are using is secured in environment and data transfer. If you are planning to use a ticketing system that is email-driven, check out SSL or some kind of encryption.

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6. Personalize the email templates

If you plan to use your email system for ticket submission, you will generally be replying to emails that have auto-responses. However, you do not want to use templates that are generic because you do not want to make your customers feel like they are not being properly taken care of. After all, generic responses or emails that have general templates can make customers think they are just a number to you. Since your business depends on client loyalty, you should make them feel how important they are to your business. Ensure that you have the time to personalize your email templates using the right help desk software system so that your organization as well as the personality of your company will be amply reflected.

7. The importance of a Web interface

When considering how to find the right help desk software, do not forget to consider the importance of a web interface. Some solutions offer both Internet-based and email-based ticket submission. Many customers prefer the ease and comfort of email submission. However, others do prefer the accessibility of an Internet-based system. Some clients prefer that not anyone can just submit a service request to a company’s email address. With an Internet portal, some will feel they gain more control over why, when, and how their employees can submit help requests.

8. Check out the ticket management features

You might think that help desk systems are capable of managing tickets, such as escalating, resending, assigning, canceling, or closing tickets. However, not all help desk software programs are like that. So, when buying for a help desk system, make sure you know all about the ticket management features of help desk software. Do not just merely settle for a help desk system that does not give you the control you want to have.

9. Make sure you are branded

Whether in Web fronts and in email submissions, the help desk software program must be branded for you and your business. The last thing your business needs is for your customers or clients to otherwise believe that your business does not really care enough to make your program tools as “yours”. Sending our email auto-responses that merely say, “This client ticket submitted by X help desk program” is simply not professional. Ensure that the help desk software program you pick can be branded with your company information, logos, URLS, copyright information, as well as legal information. Make sure your business does not settle for anything less.

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10. Make it easier for everyone

Your help desk software program needs to be not only useful and user-friendly for your users. If you end up with a help desk software system that gets overly complicated to use, it will then affect the ability your organization to proceed smoothly with your operations. The entire point of a help desk software system is “help”. Always take advantage of the features of a help desk software especially when they are user-friendly, as they will always be helpful not only to your customers but also to your company reputation. Choose wisely your help desk software program for the sake of your clients and also your employees.

For more information about help desk software solutions, iSupport has this helpful article you might want to check out: “Help Desk Software Buyers Guide: What You Really Need to Know Before You Purchase”. Also read this piece from BlueBay Solutions titled “Choosing the right helpdesk software for your company”.

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