What Is The Difference Between Help Desk And Ticket Management Software?

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help7Before we discuss the question, “What is the difference between help desk and ticket management software?” let us first discuss what help desk software is and what features of a reliable help desk software you should consider before you decide which solution will work best for your company and its specific needs.

What is help desk software?

To put it in a very simple way, helpdesk software is the help desk resource’s interface intended to provide top-quality support as well as the best information to customer or end users regarding the products or services of a company or organization, ranging from a small business to a B2B or B2C enterprise. With the help of good help desk software programs, the help desk is organized to resolve issues or problems as well as provide counseling on various products and services such as software programs, mobile devices, computers, among others.

Big businesses even have help desk support using various channels such as email, instant messaging, websites, social media platforms, or websites.

There are also internal help desks intended to offer help and support, but only for the organization’s employees.

There are three reasons why help desk software is important:

  1. Tracking customer issues is time consuming.

In the old days, a company tracks issues by customers manually—if at all. This holds true for resolutions of those issues. Thus, keeping a spreadsheet or database of all customer issues and resolutions can be quite intense and not easy to organize. So, for example, when you want to get a report of the most frequently reported issues your customers face, it would take you hours, even days, to count and crunch the numbers to have the data ready.

Manually inputting data or information on a spreadsheet (or worse, a file in hard copy) is almost always prone to errors and a lot of other conditions. What if one help desk employee forgot to include one issue from a customer on a certain day? Then the integrity of your data suddenly becomes compromised, leaving you suspicious of the integrity and quality of the other customer issues and resolutions in your file. Or what if the data are saved in one computer and that computer crashes without a backup of its files?

  1. The sheer volume of email you are getting is overwhelming. Issues and requests from customers are always falling through the cracks.

Without doubt, electronic email has allowed us to communicate faster with our clients and customers, as well as within our organizations. But the large volume of email flooding into the inboxes every day is nothing short of a massive disaster waiting to happen. Try telling to a disgruntled customer that his urgent request to you “got lost” or went in the spam folder or her email “got buried.” This type of excuse simply won’t fly.

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Help desk software allows you to better manage the volume of emails you receive and send addressing your customer requests, inquiries, among others. This will make your team and communication system more efficient and streamlined.

  1. Your present customer support system only enables your customers to contact you by email or phone, even though they prefer they text, tweet, or Facebook for help.

Today’s help desk is a social one. Customers today demand you can answer them promptly in any channel they prefer—whether through phone, email, or Facebook. No spreadsheet can fix and help one manage requests and inquiries from customers coming in through various channels such as email, phone, chat, text, and social media.

Help desks now use collaborative software to streamline communications, address concerns, and communicate internally through all channels available.

Ticket management software

Going back to the question, “What is the difference between help desk and ticket management software?”

Well, basically, ticket management is an essential aspect of help desk management. Ticket management software allows the help desk to maintain a database to hold and manage customers and their issues. It holds crucial information about the customers, solutions to the problems, among others. The company uses a ticket management software as part of the integrated help desk software suite to make, address, and respond to customer requests, or concerns raised by the own employees of the company.

A ticket from ticket management software is essentially a report on a specific issue, its present status and other important data. The help desk team or staff creates, updates, and handles these tickets, which have a unique identifier, also known as a case. This identifier allows the team to identify faster a certain customer request, add information to it, or notify the customer regarding the request’s status.

Here are six reasons why help desk always needs ticket management software:

  1. Ticket management software allows you to centralize information one place

It keeps tracking and monitoring of data easier and far quicker. Instead of checking through tons of emails your company get every day, ticket management software allows you to access and retrieve the important information right away.

  1. Gives you built-in tracking as well as reporting metrics

With ticket management software, you easily track things quicker—not only the requests of the customers but also how efficient is an employee working. The software program allows you to the number of tickets a help desk employee has worked on in a certain month.

  1. Helps your organization prioritize workflow
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Ticket management software also makes you prioritize workflow more easily. You would instantly know which issues or requests from customers need the utmost priority.

  1. Adds transparency

A ticket management system gives you a better idea which teams or departments in your company are receiving the highest number of support requests, allowing you to decide in terms of allocation of support resources.

  1. Fosters collaboration

A ticket tracking system can foster collaboration, allowing multiple people to work on a same issue.

  1. Ensures continuity

A ticket management software solution allows continuity in your company. Even if one team member leaves, there will be no complicated turnover issues regarding his or her duties. Since the information is centralized in one database, a replacement or new employee can be immediately trained to take over the remaining tasks or assignments of the employee who had just left.

Which Help Desk Software Is The Best?


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