What's The Best Help Desk Software For Medium And Big Enterprises: Expert's Advice

qnaRunning a medium-sized company is quite a task for Ron, who owns a large sports equipment store just outside Salt Lake City in Utah. And with the advent of the Internet, mobile phones, and social networking sites, Ron knows that going online is now an essential part of doing business. Now, he is looking for the best help desk software for medium and big enterprises and is hoping for some input from yours truly.

“Man, I have been reading reviews and some comparison articles in my search for the best help desk software for medium and big enterprises. But with the wide selection that I have, it seems I am stuck with a long list of possible options. I hope you can help me trim down my list and perhaps maybe offer three names of the best help desk software for medium and big enterprises. I will appreciate that a lot. Thank you!”

Hey Ron! You are not alone. A lot of people, from the small business sector to owners of huge companies, find themselves confused at which of the best help desk systems will suit well to their business. Quite a few experimented with free help desk systems while others toyed with demo versions and cheap software before investing on a paid product.

There is no fixed formula in finding the perfect help desk solution for your business. However, you can pick the best help desk software for medium and big enterprises by basing your search to what your business needs, how much is your budget, and what your future goals are. If you have these all aspects defined among other things, filtering your list down to just a few possible is quite achievable.

As for my personal input, I have listed my own three top picks for the best help desk software for medium and big enterprises out of tons of help desk systems worth looking at. I suggest you check them out as well.

#1 ZenDesk

ZenDesk tops my list for a lot of reasons. For one, it is the help desk software of choice for many established and popular companies like Box, Groupon, Disney, and Rovio. Looking at these names, one can clearly see how versatile and flexible ZenDesk can be considering the aforementioned corporations operate in different industries.

ZenDesk is also a good option for startups and companies that are not yet ready to go big on help desk systems. Pricing starts at $1 per agent, which is a cheap alternative compared to its contemporaries. Its user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate and the system itself is built for speed, which is why it is the fastest help desk software out there. Customers and other end users find their queries and issued resolved a lot faster as opposed to other good help desk systems out there.

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#2 Kayako

Another leading help desk solution that comes highly recommended by experts, vendors, and software specialists, Kayako is no doubt deserving of its fame and popularity. More than 30,000 companies have chosen Kayako to be their help desk software. Esteemed brands, companies, and organizations such as NASA, Toshiba, MTV, and Sega are just among those that are convinced of Kayako’s reliability and effective service.

That said, Kayako is not cheap, with rates starting at $49 per agent per month. However, With so many businesses testifying to Kayako’s role to their continued success, perhaps spending such amount is worth the investment.

#3 Kana

While Kana only has 900 businesses using its software, majority of them are big players in their respective industries. Kana’s clientele consists of half of Fortune 100 and 250 government agencies. Such fact alone is enough for me to list Kana as one of the best help desk software for medium and big enterprises.

Like most top help desk systems, Kana offers the same features and premium functions as other software solutions do. But what makes it a top player in the help desk software scene is its reliable structure and great customer support across multiple channels.

I hope my personal input will help you determine the best help desk software for your business. But as I mentioned earlier, try to check some of the other excellent help desk systems that I believe are worth checking out.

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